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Never Accepting Negativity NAN Resource Center was established to provide mentoring for children and young adults who are struggling with grief and all of its forms. Managing emotions can be difficult for adults, life has a way of throwing roadblocks in your path towards a successful life. Those setbacks often leave deep scars, those same disappointments can also occur in children. Statistical reports state 1 in 14 children in the United States will experience the death of a parent or sibling by age 18, those same statistics also estimate that by age of 25, those numbers will more than triple in some demographics. We understand the lack of public health resources identify bereavement rates across the county also correspond with other disparities and social determinates of health. The potential for unaddressed grief and trauma with the capability to impact development trajectories of youth. . Get in touch with us when you're ready to learn more; we can't wait to meet you!  

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Volunteers and professionals working in a grief center for children possess a diverse range of unique skill sets and provide invaluable support to help children navigate through the difficult journey of grief. Their collective expertise, compassion, and dedication create a nurturing environment where children can heal and find solace. Let's explore some of the remarkable skills and contributions these individuals bring to a grief center: 


DebiAnn possess extensive knowledge about community resources and support networks that can assist children and families throughout the grieving process. 


NaTaija and her team professionals from diverse disciplines, such as psychologists, counselors, social works and child life specialists enhances the effectiveness of the center's programs and interventions.


Rhonda and her team are deeply empathy and compassionate individuals. they have a remarkable capacity to connect with children on an emotional level, validating their feelings and providing comfort. 


Community partners and sponsors include members of the faith base, financial, medical, educational and business development family. These partner ensure sustainable  financial sustainability of a grief center.


In respect of our families privacy, names are not shown. 


Mrs. Deb, 
Thank you for sharing so openly, during our 
group session. It completely resonated with me.
I often feel like it's my fault my child is
hurting because our marriage ended.
However your words of wisdom, helped me to 
process the stages of lost, and provided tools
we can use as a family to heal.

Thanks again


OGM Debi,
I read "Four Good Days" with my class as
a resource to explain a students illness.
My class hard a hard time understand why 
their classmate was in the hospital

We are using the journal to help
express our emotions. Great storyline,
I actully cried. 

Thank you


Love the we you walk through the process
of his death. My grandchild's father was not sick
when he passed, but my grandchild had the same questions. The tips at the end of the book, are really helpful, I had the child use the cuts, to make their own story about the dad. 

Thank you 


Deb, you have a way of making me
feel ok. This co-parenting life is not easy.
Sometime, my ex can make it seem like
I'm doing everything wrong, but you
helped to understand both sides
of our emotions. I know we'll be ok

Thank you 

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